SCOPE (Smart Nation Co-creating with Our People Everywhere) is a co-creation platform spearheaded by the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group that facilitates testing of digital government initiatives in development and feedback gathering from citizens. These insights help us to enhance our digital government services to be more accessible and convenient for all.


We are looking for volunteers to join us as Smart Nation Ambassadors to support us in our citizen engagement efforts! As a Smart Nation Ambassador, you will help to engage citizens on Smart Nation and digital government initiatives. This could involve teaching someone how to use digital tools, or getting valuable feedback on digital government initiatives. We are looking for individuals with an interest in helping others live digitally enabled lives, and who are preferably digitally/mobile savvy.


To see our schedule of upcoming events and to sign up to be a Smart Nation Ambassador, click here.


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Here is how you can contribute:



Contribute by sharing your feedback with us on digital government services and apps today! We would like to hear from you on these initiatives:


1. Machine-translated Government websites

Translating websites into Malay, Chinese and Tamil can be time-consuming and intensive. Tell us how effective you think machine-translated content is for end-users by clicking here.


2. Improving digital Government services for seniors

We want to find out how Government websites and digital services can be improved and developed to be more user-friendly for seniors. If you are 50 years old and above, or persons assisting a loved one aged 50 years old and above with matters related to mobile apps and/or online transactions, we would love to hear from you. Share with us your feedback by clicking here.



Last updated on 17 Jun 2020