Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Trial

What is the Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Trial?

  • To make water usage data readily accessible for consumers from tap to app, PUB is exploring the use of Smart Water Meters, in place of mechanical meters, progressively across the island.
  • The Smart Water Meters are designed to monitor and collect water consumption data. This will enable PUB to provide consumers with value-added services through a mobile customer app, such as understanding their water usage, and alerting households of suspected water leaks.
  • The AMR trial
    • Conducted in 2016 to some 500 households in Punggol
    • The AMR trial infrastructure comprises an AMR-enabled water meter that registers and transmits readings wirelessly to PUB, data analytics on water consumption patterns, and a mobile app for residents to use.
    • Through the mobile app, residents are able to track their detailed water consumption, and receive leak and high usage notifications.
    • Through the use of gamification and rewards, residents are also incentivised to reduce their water consumption. 




The AMR trial is part of the SMART PUB roadmap to digitalise Singapore's entire water system to improve operational excellence and meet future water needs. The roadmap seeks to achieve smarter water quality management, network improvements, integrated customer engagements, and smarter work processes. Find out more about the roadmap here.



PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, is rolling out the first phase of Smart Water Meter Programme in Singapore. This will see the installation of 300,000 smart water meters in new and existing residential, commercial and industrial premises by 2023. With this, customers can look forward to tracking their water use daily, be empowered to be more water-efficient, detect leaks early to reduce water loss and save money! 



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Last updated on 18 Mar 2021