What is the Smart Elderly Alert System?

  • Sensors placed in the flat to help monitor the movements of the elderly, and caregivers will be alerted should irregular movements be detected (e.g. if no movements are detected for a period of time).
  • In April 2016, residents from some 3,200 households in Yuhua estate were eligible to participate in a trial to use smart devices in their homes. This followed an initial trial of 10 households in Yuhua which yielded positive responses on the ease of use and non-intrusive nature of the devices; and a trial conducted in 2015 in 12 households in Woodlands, Yishun, Clementi and Marine Parade.



What are the benefits?

  • Non-intrusive, non-contact and low cost methodology, and provides timely alerts.
  • Allows the elderly to live independently, and offers peace of mind to family members and caregivers.


A number of commercial providers currently offer the solution. This includes:

  • AstraLink
  • M1 





Last updated on 18 Mar 2021