My Smart Ahma web series

Join Benjamin and his Smart Ahma as they show us how Smart Nation can benefit our lives!


Episode 1

Ahma shows up at Benjamin's meeting with a cute colleague. What will Benjamin do?



Smart Nation initiatives featured:

HDB Smart Towns

HDB Resale Portal

PUB Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Trials

Episode 2

Ben is afraid to ask Rachel out. Ahma tries to help. Will he do it?



Smart Nation initiatives featured:

Smart Health TeleRehab

OneService App

Elderly Monitoring System

Personal Alert Button trial

myResponder App

Episode 3

Is this Ben's chance to give Rachel flowers? Will he succeed?



Smart Nation initiatives featured:

Smart Lighting

Moments of Life (Now known as LifeSG) 

SingPass Mobile


HealthHub App

Episode 4

Ahma goes missing! How will Ben and Rachel find her?



Smart Nation initiatives featured:

myENV app

MyTransport.SG app

Open Data & Analytics for Urban Transportation

On-Demand Shuttles

Autonomous Vehicles

National Steps Challenge

Healthy 365 app

Episode 5

With Ahma’s help, Ben cooks a meal for Rachel. Will sparks fly?



Smart Nation initiatives featured:

PayNow and SGQR

Drones to survey dengue hotspots

Episode 6

Ben may never see Rachel again. Will he go after her?



Smart Nation initiatives featured:


Start Digital, Startup SG Tech

Punggol Digital District

PA Senior Academy for Smart Nation, Silver Infocomm Initiative

Last updated on 18 Nov 2020