Last updated on 19 Oct 2020
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*NEW* Government Data Incident Reporting Platform

Everyone in the community can play their part in strengthening and safeguarding government ICT (information and communications technology) systems, digital services, and data. Members of the public can now report incidents involving any unauthorised disclosure or compromise of government data on our government data incident reporting platform.

We look forward to working with you to strengthen the overall public sector data security regime. 



What you can do to help:

✔️ Before making a report, do keep in mind that you should act responsibly when reporting a suspected data incident and safeguarding data from unauthorised use or loss.

✔️ Do conduct yourself in accordance with applicable laws and regulations at all times. Note: Under no circumstances should you attempt to make a false report, publish details of any suspected data incidents involving government data or recklessly or intentionally use government data for wrongful gain.

✔️ Upon detection of a suspected government data incident, notify us as soon as possible by submitting a report to us by filling in the Incident Reporting Form. This will enable the Smart Nation & Digital Government Group (SNDGG) to conduct an investigation promptly.

✔️ Please provide your contact details in the Incident Reporting Form so that you may be reached for clarifications, and for us to provide you with a status update following our investigation.

✔️ Please provide adequate information in the Incident Reporting Form so that we can investigate the suspected data incident thoroughly. It would take approximately 10 minutes to complete the form.

✔️ Upon submitting records of evidence to SNDGG, please dispose of all evidence immediately in an appropriate manner.


Have a question or need more help? Refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQs).


The Smart Nation & Digital Government Group (SNDGG) will:

• Act as coordinator between you and the relevant public sector agency or agencies (“Stakeholders”) involved in the suspected data incident.

• Acknowledge receipt of your suspected data incident report and notify the Stakeholders of the suspected data incident, generally within 1 working day from our receipt of your report.

• Work with you and the Stakeholders to resolve any confirmed data incidents.


Please note that SNDGG will not in any way:

 Accept or assume any responsibility for the contents of any suspected data incident report submitted by you, not shall our acknowledgement or processing of such report constitute any kind of acceptance or endorsement of the contents therein.

• Be obliged to consult you on any action taken by SNDGG and/or any Stakeholders in relation to the suspected or confirmed data incident, including the publication of any media or public statement that we and/or any Stakeholders may decide to publish or release in relation to the suspected or confirmed data incident.

• Provide you with any cash reward or financial incentive of any kind for the detection of confirmed incidents involving government data.


Report a government data incident here:

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If you are unable to access the Incident Reporting Form, you may download the Incident Reporting Form and email the completed form to

If you face any difficulties in completing the Incident Reporting Form or have any enquiries, you may call us at +65 63830117.

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