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SCOPE SN Ambassador

All of us play a crucial role in the Smart Nation journey as Singapore transforms herself to be a digitally forward nation. This is a collaborative effort; and we as a community must come together to share our ideas and thoughts so that we can grow and develop as a Smart Nation.

SCOPE - Smart Nation Co-creating with Our People Everywhere - is a co-creation platform by the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group that lets citizens try out new digital government initiatives and products, still in developmental stage and provide instantaneous feedback. The insights gathered has helped us enhance  digital government services to be more accessible and convenient for all Singaporeans.

You can contribute through SCOPE  by providing feedback on prototypes as they are developed or taking part in surveys.






Provide your valuable feedback on digital government services:  



SCOPE outreach

You can share your feedback with us on the following initiatives via the links below: 

  1. We want to find out how Government websites and digital services can be enhanced and developed to be more user-friendly for seniors. If you are 50 years old and above, or you are assisting a loved one aged 50 years old and above with mobile apps and online transactions, we would love to hear from you. Please share with us your feedback via this form


  2. We want everyone to be on board the Smart Nation journey. To do that well, providing digital government services in the various languages is essential. However, setting up websites in Malay, Chinese and Tamil can be intensive and resource-heavy. Let us know how useful machine-translated content is for you via this survey form 


If  you would like to contribute further and love to engage fellow Singaporeans, join our growing Smart Nation Ambassador family! Find out more about the program here.

Last updated on 08 Mar 2021