Smart Nation Open Government Data


Data is the new currency, and with open data, the possibilities are endless!

Even as efforts have been made to encourage everyone to share, and contribute data, data sets collected by public agencies have been made available and accessible to the public through online portals so anyone can participate and co-create solutions that benefit everyone.

The Singapore government's one-stop portal to publicly-available datasets from 70 public agencies. The revamped portal serves as a repository of data captured by the public sector, which has been made more relevant and understandable for the public, through data visualisations and data narratives. Developers


Resource page to support the efforts of application developers using the data on This includes Real-time APIs, CKAN APIs, and DataStore API.





IRAS API Marketplace


A marketplace that offers APIs which enables applications to embed or optimize tax management capabilities across a range of tax transactions. E.g. tax filing, account services, tax rate enquiries, calculators and e-stamping services.





Land Transport DataMall

LandTransportDataMall logo

A variety of transport-related datasets and APIs for members of the public and the community to co-create innovative and inclusive transport solutions. LTA Land Transport DataMall is part of a series of information, eServices and tools that are available to all land transport users in Singapore.




MAS logo

The Monetary Authority of Singapore’s APIs provide financial institutions and application service providers more opportunities to serve their customers better. Users can also automate the extraction of data and illustrate trends easily and quickly with these APIs.



NDI Developer and Partner Portal


Allowing businesses and developers access to the information and tools to experiment, build and test solutions quickly and securely. Access NDI API specifications, use the online tutorials to guide development of applications or use the sandbox to visualise new customer journeys. The portal also allows businesses with a valid CorpPass account to submit link-up requests for selected APIs, and on-board your business use cases.





A one-stop integrated geospatial data sharing platform where government agencies share location-based services and information. OneMap APIs allow users to embed an interactive Map on websites. And with the extensive set of JavaScript APIs available, users will also be able to mashup their own data or the Themes available in OneMap's repository on the basemap.



SingStat Website


Obtain latest data, key statistical findings, press releases and publications on key official statistics on Singapore.  Data presented in infographics, charts and storyboards are also available on the SingStat website.



SingStat Table Builder

SingStat Table Builder

Access for free over 26,000 historical data series and more than 900 statistical tables from 60 public agencies providing a comprehensive and current statistical view of the key economic and socio-demographic characteristics of Singapore. Users are able to build customised data tables, plot graphs and charts, and export these tables and charts in different machine-readable file formats.





Find out more about trees in your neighbourhood! The online portal plots more than 500,000 urban trees in Singapore on an interactive map, and visitors to the portal can learn about the different species of trees, and how they are cared for. Visitors can also indicate if a tree is flowering and upload photos of them.





An online geospatial map that consolidates detailed land use information. Access information relating to the master plan, urban design guidelines, private property use and approval, car park locations and availability, private residential property transactions, and conservation areas and buildings.



Last updated on 16 Sep 2020