What is the Punggol Digital District (PDD)?

  • PDD will be the first district in Singapore to adopt a one integrated masterplan approach that brings together a business park, a university and community facilities.
  • It aims to create synergies, enable close integration between industry and academia, as well as foster vibrant and strong communities.



Innovation Ecosystem

  • The co-location of the Singapore Institute of Technology’s (SIT) new campus with JTC’s business park buildings will facilitate greater industry academia collaboration, through the cross-fertilisation of ideas and knowledge among students and industry professionals. New technological or business ideas conceived in SIT could be prototyped, tested and adopted by businesses in PDD, contributing to a higher rate of commercialisation success.
  • PDD will also house key growth sectors of the digital economy such as cybersecurity and Internet of Things, and is expected to bring approximately 28,000 exciting jobs closer to residents in Punggol and the north-east region.
  • With the clustering of these growth sectors, the district will be an ecosystem of open innovation and a conducive test-bed environment that will enable businesses and the community to thrive in a digital economy. 
  • In addition to bringing more exciting job and learning opportunities closer to home, the District is also planned to include green links to the waterfront and also more public spaces for the community to relax and unwind. Find out more here.



Last updated on 15 Dec 2020