What is SNSP?

  • An integrated nation-wide sensor platform to improve municipal services, city-level operations, planning and security.
  • More systematic use of sensors and data to improve urban planning, build more responsive and reliable public transport, and better public security.
  • Trials for various aspects of the Smart Nation Sensor Platform are ongoing.


What can we expect?

  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • Wireless Sensor Network trial will be completed at the end of 2018. The wireless sensor network is being used by over 500 sensors in Yuhua to transmit water usage data from smart water meters. Smart water meters empower users to save water by enabling them to access near real-time water usage data and detect water leaks through a mobile app. A trial in Punggol in 2016 has shown encouraging results, with households observed to achieve water savings of approximately 5% from early leak detection and good water-saving habits.
  • Drowning detection at pools
  • A pilot has started for drowning detection at swimming pools. The system uses computer vision for drowning detection and continuous surveillance of activities in the pool, and is able to alert the lifeguards and help them react faster to swimmers in distress and prevent drownings.
  • Personal Alert Button
  • A trial is being conducted to seek citizens’ feedback to design and develop a cost-effective, lightweight, easy-deployable elderly help button solution that can replace the current pull cord system. The trial will allow us to understand the needs of the elderly and take in feedback so we can enhance the button accordingly.
  • Smart Lamp Posts

  • Lamppost-as-a-Platform (Laap) trial will commence in 2019 to host sensors on lamp posts

  • The trial will use crowd analytics and environmental sensors to measure air quality, rainfall and water level

  • The data from the sensors will be analysed using various techniques, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), to improve policy making and service delivery for citizens and businesses 






Last updated on 23 Jun 2021