Why on-demand autonomous shuttles?

  • Imagine booking a self-driving shuttle with a tap of your smartphone that can bring you from your doorstep right to the train station; or being able to suggest and book bus routes through an app and thereafter simply hop on to get to your destination.
  • A real-time demand-driven intelligent transport system optimises the use of land and reduces reliance on limited manpower.
  • This also offers commuters a more comfortable option for first-and-last-mile connectivity, and brings greater mobility to the elderly and other commuters who may have difficulties in taking present-day public transport.



What can we expect?

  • Autonomous shuttles on Sentosa
  • In June 2018, MOT and ST Engineering commenced on-road testing of autonomous shuttles along a 1km road at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa. In 2019, a three-month trial will be conducted along a 5km route on the island.
  • Visitors will be able to use their smartphones to hail these shuttles. The insights gained from this trial will help better inform how technology can be deployed to strengthen intra-town connectivity, and enhance mobility for commuters, particularly the elderly and persons with disabilities.
  • Find out more here
  • On-demand public bus trial
  • The first part of a 6-month on-demand public bus service (ODPB) operational trial will commence on 17 Dec 2018. The trial explores the utilisation of dynamic routing and matching algorithms to optimise limited resources.
  • The trial will offer more seamless and convenient bus journeys for commuters, during timings with low or unpredictable ridership.
  • Commuters will be able to request for pick-ups and drop-offs at any bus stop within the defined geo-fence area through a mobile app. Find out more here.




  • Beeline SG (Discontinued)


  • An open, cloud-based smart mobility platform developed to provide data-driven shuttle bus services for commuters. Commuters could book a seat through a smartphone app, on buses provided by private bus operators.
  • By utilising crowdsourced requests and anonymised public transport data, new routes can be activated based on commuters’ demand and existing routes may evolve over time.
  • The Beeline app has been discontinued from 1 Jan 2020. More: https://www.beeline.sg/faq/
  • Private transport operators and tech startups can also easily integrate with the platform and build their own applications, riding on the open marketplace and data analytics capabilities that Beeline provides, to offer more convenient transportation options for citizens.


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Last updated on 31 May 2021