Spearheading research in standards for SDVs

What is CETRAN?

  • The Land Transport Authority (LTA) and JTC, in partnership with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), launched The Centre of Excellence for Testing & Research of AVs – NTU (CETRAN), and the Test Circuit, at CleanTech Park on 1 August 2016.
  • CETRAN will spearhead the development of testing requirements for SDVs, for which testing will be carried out at the 1.8-ha CETRAN Test Circuit, which is jointly developed by LTA and JTC to provide industry players with a simulated road environment for the testing SDVs prior to their deployment on public roads.


Smart Nation - SDV Test Circuit

Image: JTC


Why begin research in standards?

  • To enable Singapore to move closer to its goal of deploying self-driving vehicles (SDVs) for shared transport.
  • Given the lack of existing international standards for large-scale SDV deployment, CETRAN and the Test Circuit will place Singapore at the global forefront to develop such standards to safely integrate SDVs into our transport system!


What can we expect?

  • The CETRAN Test Circuit will strengthen Singapore’s attractiveness as a living lab for local and international parties to test, certify, trial and deploy SDVs here.
  • NTU will operate the CETRAN Test Circuit and evaluate the SDV prototypes to be tested in Singapore according to their ability to manoeuvre in local conditions such as:
  • traffic rules
  • traffic behaviour
  • road design
  • our tropical climate
  • CETRAN will also house an expert team formed by NTU that will perform testing in a computer-simulated environment representative of Singapore’s traffic conditions, to complement the tests performed in the test circuit.
  • The CETRAN Test Circuit will also be open to industry players for the development and testing of their own SDVs, as they work towards meeting the standards set by CETRAN.


Smart Nation - SDV CETRAN

Image: JTC


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Last updated on 31 May 2021