Why download?

  • It is a convenient way for members of the public to give their feedback on municipal issues, without having to find out which agency is responsible for the issue!
  • The OneService mobile app adopts an issue-based approach where reported cases will be routed to relevant agencies in a more efficient and coordinated manner.
  • Also alerts users if they are near dengue clusters. Users who enable the dengue cluster alert on the app, will be able to see the number of cases in the neighbourhood, and the block of flats where these cases are located.


Benefits to citizens:

  • Municipal services are delivered more effectively,
  • Interaction between residents and Government agencies on issues relating to them and their neighbourhood is enhanced, and in turn helps improve the living environment for Singaporeans!


Since the launch of the app in January 2015, and as of end-February 2016, the app has received more than 55,000 registrations and about 32,000 cases have been reported through the app.


Download the app here!




Last updated on 18 Mar 2021