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Smart Nation Ambassadors at an event

The Smart Nation Ambassadors program was launched in January 2019. We now have over 1,600 volunteers who have stepped up and brought the Smart Nation message to fellow Singaporeans through roadshows, engagement activities and digital clinics.

Hear from our Smart Nation Ambassadors - Alice, Jamberi, Pearlie and Saiful, on why they have chosen to serve the community on our Nation’s transformative journey.



Are you a passionate individual who would like to come onboard our Smart Nation journey? Join us as Smart Nation Ambassador today!

As a part of the Smart Nation Ambassador team, you will help the community access our Smart Nation and digital government initiatives. You will also have the opportunity to learn and then teach someone else how to use digital tools.


If you have any exciting ideas on how we can help each other in our digital journey, write to us at! We want to hear from you!

We are looking for individuals with interest in helping others live digitally-enabled lives, and who are preferably digitally/mobile-savvy. If you are not digital savvy yet, fret not! If you are keen to learn and contribute, we are here to support you!

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Have a question or need more help? Refer to our list of FAQs or email us at

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Last updated on 31 May 2021