Exposure alert information in TraceTogether App should not be used to control access

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Joint Statement by the Ministry of Health & Smart Nation and Digital Government Office 

Businesses should not use the exposure alert information of persons using the TraceTogether App to grant or deny access to premises.

Persons who are deemed close contacts of a case with COVID-19, identified through TraceTogether and contact tracing interviews, would have already received a quarantine order.

The SafeEntry system helps the Ministry of Health to identify venues where infections may be occurring. SafeEntry data is critical in the manual contact tracing process as it helps interviewees better recall where they have been and who they were with. Without the SafeEntry data, interviews would take much longer and the contract tracers could miss out venues if interviewees fail to recall their past movement accurately.

Persons who happen to be in the same general vicinity as a case with COVID-19 may receive alerts to monitor their health for 14 days and be advised to see a doctor promptly should they develop symptoms of acute respiratory infection. However, the risk is very small as they may not have interacted with the case at close quarters given the size of the mall. Such persons are not restricted from continuing with their regular activities.

Last updated on 31 Aug 2021