TraceTogether-Only SafeEntry Brought Forward To 17 May 2021 To Enhance Coverage And Speed Of Contact Tracing

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The implementation of TraceTogether-only SafeEntry (TT-only SE) will be brought forward to 17 May 2021 from the previously-announced 1 June 2021.

 2          This means all venues that are required to enforce SE check-in will be required to implement TT-only SE from 17 May 2021. These venues are those that experience higher throughput of visitors (e.g. malls, workplaces, places of worship, schools and educational institutions) and where people are likely to be in close proximity for prolonged periods (e.g. dine-in food and beverage outlets and gyms)[1].

 3          This move is to achieve greater coverage and active participation in the TT Programme, especially for venues or settings where community spread is most likely to occur.

This will strengthen digital contact tracing and help us better manage the recent rise in community cases, some of which are currently unlinked and have resulted in the formation of community clusters. With more effective digital contact tracing, the speed of isolating close contacts will be raised.


Implementation of TT-only SE


4          With the nationwide implementation of TT-only SE on 17 May 2021, SE check-in must be performed using a TT App or Token by:

       i.         using one’s TT App to scan the venue’s QR code;

     ii.         displaying one’s TT Token so that a venue staff can scan the TT Token’s QR code;

    iii.         tapping one’s TT App or TT Token at a SafeEntry Gateway device. 


5          Other modes of SE check-in such as launching your phone’s camera to scan a venue’s QR code and using Singpass App will be discontinued from 17 May 2021. To help ease the transition, scanning of barcodes on personal IDs will be retained until 31 May 2021.

6          The full list of TT-only SE venues can be found in Annex A (pdf - 210kb) and on the SE website (


SEGW required to be deployed at more venues


7          From 15 June 2021, more public-facing venues where people are likely to be in contact for prolonged periods, such as food and beverage dine-in outlets, hotels, and sports and fitness centres, will be required to deploy SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) to facilitate SE check-in, and help users check that their TT Token is working. The SEGW will not light up or emit a beep sound if the TT Token is not working. The full list of venues required to deploy SEGW can be found in Annex B (pdf - 220kb) and on the SE website (


8          Venue operators can either download the SafeEntry (Business) App to use the SEGW function, or set up the SEGW Box. Venues that are required to deploy the SEGW will be able to apply for free SEGW Boxes. More information on how venue operators can apply for the SEGW Box is available on the SE website ( 


TT App Update and TT Token Battery Replacement


9          As effective contact tracing requires the active usage of the TT App and Token, TT App users should ensure that their App is updated to the latest version, turn on their Bluetooth, and keep the App active in the background; while Token users should ensure that their Token has not run out of battery and always have the Token with them when they leave home.


10        TT Token users can check if their Token is working by looking out for a green light that blinks about once every minute. If the Token is blinking red, or if there is no light at all, users should replace their Token at any Community Club/Centre (CC), or at Token replacement booths set up at selected malls. Those who have not collected the Token can also do so at any CC islandwide. More information can be found on the TokenGoWhere website (


Importance of TT and SE


11        The TT Programme and SE are important digital tools that enable contact tracers to quickly identify and isolate close contacts of COVID-19 cases. This also helps to break transmission chains and prevent community outbreaks. While TT data identifies an initial list of close contacts, SE data provides the list of places visited by COVID-19 cases to help our contact tracers establish cluster links. The combined use of these digital tools has enabled us to reduce the average time taken to contact trace from 4 days to less than 1.5 days.


12        These digital tools enable close contacts to be quickly isolated, and the general public to be alerted if they had been to places visited by COVID-19 cases, such as through the TT App or at (with Singpass login). They would then be able to take the precaution of monitoring their health closely for 14 days from the date of visit. Recently, more than 18,000 SMS alerts have been sent to individuals identified by SE as having been to places visited by COVID-19 cases linked to the Tan Tock Seng Hospital cluster.


13        With the recent community cases, active participation in the TT Programme is crucial for effective contact tracing. We seek everyone’s cooperation to use either the TT App or Token, and to remain on guard in the fight against COVID-19.




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[1] Large retail stores (>10,000 sqft or 930 sqm) and supermarkets that are located within a mall and have the same operating hours as the mall will no longer need to implement SafeEntry, now that the TT coverage is widened.


Last updated on 27 Jul 2021