TraceTogether Token collection at community centres to be restricted to residents within the constituency only

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Singapore, 26 October 2020

Starting 27 Oct, members of the public should collect the TraceTogether (TT) Tokens only from their own constituency CCs. Please check the TokenGoWhere website ( to find out which is your designated collection point. 

2 All constituencies will be served in due course. So we urge the public to wait for the collection exercise to start in your respective constituency. TraceTogether-only SafeEntry will only be enforced after everyone who needs a Token has had a chance to collect one. 

3 As a reminder, you may use either the TT App or the Token for TraceTogether-only SafeEntry check-in. Both the TT App and Token serve the same function of recording close contact data, which will be supplemented by SafeEntry data for comprehensive digital contact tracing. There is no need to collect the Token if you are already using the TT App, or are able to download it.   

4 More details on the opening schedules of collection centres will be released in a subsequent statement.


For media enquiries, please contact: 

Goh Yu Chong (Mr)
Senior Manager, Public and International Communications
Smart Nation and Digital Government Office, Prime Minister’s Office 
Tel: 9644 1674


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