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Last updated on 05 May 2021


Welcome to the #SmartNationTogether online channel! Whether you are interested in learning the basics of coding, video conferencing, or simply want to hear about the latest technological trends from subject experts, we have something for you! Check out our programme schedules below:


For children, youths and young parents

Children can sign up for 'TECH@PLAY' and 'FUN WITH TECH' series to participate in interactive hands-on workshops to learn different tech concepts such as coding, 3D printing and artificial intelligence. Interested to contribute your ideas and deep dive into the latest tech matters? Be sure not to miss our 'TECH UPSIZED' series, curated for youths.

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For working adults

Keep up with what’s new in digital government services and digital workplace tools, and learn how the tech industry is helping to fight COVID-19. Come sign up for talks on the latest tech trends, and hear our subject experts discuss the latest tech policies in the Tech Fellows and 'Smart Nation: In Conversation' series.

Co-create digital government services with us through focus group discussions on SCOPE 'LIVE'.

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For seniors

Learn how digital government services can help you in your daily lives with the 'My Smart Ahma Top Picks' and 'Live Smart' series.

Want some one-to-one advice on how to use your smart phone effectively? Join the 'Digital Clinics' and 'Silver Infocomm Junction' lessons!

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