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1. TECH@PLAY (suitable for ages 5 to 8) 


2. FUN WITH TECH (suitable for ages 9 to 12) 

• Programme: First Line Of Code

• Programme: Coding Adventure (CodeMonkey)


3. TECH UPSIZED (suitable for ages 13 and above)   


4. TECH TALK (for parents) 


5. Digital Art Club (by NLB) 

• Programme: Make Mobile Digital Art



SERIES: TECH@PLAY (suitable for ages 5 to 8)


SERIES: FUN WITH TECH (suitable for ages 9 to 12)

Programme: First Line of Code

10 Apr (Sat), 10am - 12pm

This workshop exposes your child to the world of programming through their first game/animation on Scratch, and brings their imagination to life. Through this introductory class, your child will step into the world of programming and take on the role of a creator, not just game players. First Line of Code will gauge your child's level of interest in coding and assess their logical thinking process.

As this programme is conducted at various levels, your child will be encouraged to first complete a short, online quiz on their interest, logical thinking process and readiness, in order to assess which workshop he or she is best suited to. This allows the students to get the most out of the workshop and start their programming journey!




Programme: Coding Adventure (CodeMonkey)

24 Apr (Sat), 10am - 11am

CodeMonkey curriculum offers a friendly but challenging introduction to computer programming, with a bit more rigor and knowledge transfer that can be found in the elementary coding tools. The easy-to-read code and easy-to-follow connection between the code and the action make it a perfect platform for talking about some core concepts in programming. Students will enjoy the challenging puzzles and the cartoon setting.

Young learners will:

  • Learn coding in real programming language “CoffeeScript” as they help a monkey catch bananas
  • Introduce and better understand coding concepts such as “turn” using degrees, “step” backwards, etc
  • Attempt to complete and solve challenges 0-15 (up to 30 challenges)




SERIES: TECH UPSIZED (suitable for ages 13 and above)


SERIES: TECH TALK (for parents)



Programme: Make Mobile Digital Art

13 Apr (Tues), 7pm - 8.30pm

In this online workshop, participants will learn the basic tools of digital art such as Layers, Opacity, choosing Brushes and colours from a digital palette, learning how to create art with only their phones and tablets.



Last updated on 07 Apr 2021