Written Answer by Mr Teo Chee Hean, Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security

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Written Answer by Mr Teo Chee Hean, Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security

1.            SafeEntry is currently mandatory at venues that have high visitorship, or have high transmission risk. We intend to implement TraceTogether-only SafeEntry at these venues. This will require businesses to allow check-ins with either the TraceTogether app or token. Members of the Public can refer to the SafeEntry website for the categories of venues where SafeEntry is currently mandatory.

2.            We estimate that more than half of these 40,000 public-facing venues where SafeEntry is currently mandatory, have already begun accepting TraceTogether Token check-ins and are ready to implement TraceTogether-only SafeEntry.

3.            With the better TraceTogether coverage after the implementation of TraceTogether-only SafeEntry, we will also remove some existing SafeEntry check-ins to minimise public inconvenience. For example, after checking-in to a mall via TraceTogether-only SafeEntry, a customer would no longer need to check-in to larger retail stores and supermarkets inside the mall. However, the individual would still need to check-in to gyms and F&B dine-in outlets via TraceTogether-only SafeEntry. These are examples of establishments where transmission risk is higher, with individuals likely to be in close proximity for long periods and/or where they will legitimately remove their masks, in this case to exercise or eat.

4.            We will assist businesses to get ready for a smooth transition. Businesses already using the SafeEntry Business app to read ID barcodes, such as NRIC or FIN barcodes, can use the same app to scan the QR codes on TraceTogether Tokens. Safe Distancing Ambassadors will guide them in using the SafeEntry Business app to conduct TraceTogether Token check-in.  We have also published step-by-step online guides on the use of this app.

5.            Businesses using physical scanners that can only read ID barcodes may need to change to scanners that can read QR codes as well or change to using the SafeEntry Business app that is free for download.

6.            We are working on potential solutions that would make it more convenient for public-facing businesses to enable the checking-in of TraceTogether Tokens and TraceTogether-only SafeEntry. Details will be announced later.

Last updated on 27 Jul 2021