Pillars of Smart Nation



Key pillars that support Singapore’s Smart Nation goals are: Digital Economy, Digital Government and Digital Society. Our people, our companies and our public agencies all have a role to play in this transformation.


Digital Economy


Rapid digitalisation is disrupting business operations, altering industry structures and redefining rules globally. This is why it is important for us to be able to adapt and embrace digitalisation.

Talent and businesses are critical in a digital economy that will continue to keep Singapore vibrant and competitive. We are digitalising our economy from a position of strength. Singapore’s pro-business environment, excellent infrastructure and connectivity to major Asian economies, as well as availability of investment and well-developed technology, will continue to help attract businesses and talents.

Our vision is to build a vibrant economy that remains attractive to foreign investments, with good opportunities for Singaporeans. We want to digitalise industries to increase business efficacy, and create new jobs and opportunities.

The Digital Economy Framework for Action sets out a guide to help our businesses and workforce prepare for and embrace the possibilities in a digital economy.

Find out more here.

Digital Economy Framework
for Action (pdf - 4.31mb)

Digital Economy Framework for Action


Digital Government


We aim to create “A Government that is Digital to the Core, and Serves with Heart”.

Being “digital to the core” means using data, connectivity and computing decisively to transform the way citizens and businesses are served, and the way public officers are enabled to contribute fully to their work.

A Digital Government that “serves with heart” is one that is able to automate work where possible, in order to provide a personal touch in a way that enriches the citizen’s experience.

To integrate services around citizen and business needs, strengthen integration between policy, operations and technology, raise the government’s digital capabilities to pursue innovation and co-create with citizens and businesses, we launched the Digital Government Blueprint.

The blueprint outlines a five-year roadmap for the Singapore Government to harness digital technologies to transform how it serves the public.

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Digital Government Blueprint
(pdf - 2.45mb)


Digital Government Blueprint (Summary)
(pdf - 442kb)

 DigitalGovtBlueprint    DigitalGovtBlueprint_Summary


Digital Society


Digital inclusion is about ensuring all Singaporeans have access to technology that can enhance our everyday lives, and equipping people with the skills and know-how to use technology safely and confidently.

To empower Singaporeans to maximise the opportunities of a digital society, improve their lives, be connected to the world, and have an equal chance to succeed, we released the Digital Readiness Blueprint.

The blueprint signifies the commitment of the Singapore Government and our partners in the private and people sectors to ensure that people are at the centre of Singapore’s Smart Nation efforts, and that everyone can experience the benefits of technology.

Read the Digital Readiness Blueprint here.




Last updated on 16 Sep 2020