Cybersecurity in the Public Sector




Cybersecurity in the Public Sector

Digital technologies and solutions need to be made secure to ensure that there is no disruption to citizen services, and citizens’ data entrusted to the Government is protected.

As cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated, we have adopted a three-pronged approach to secure our systems:


• Ensuring Whole-of-Government cybersecurity readiness

The Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG) takes a concerted effort to build cybersecurity capabilities across the Government to help prevent cybersecurity incidents. By putting in place ICT security policies, building a secure technology architecture, and conducting frequent security testing, the SNDGG supports all government agencies to be adequately equipped to secure their systems.


Enabling decisive operational response

 A dedicated team of cybersecurity defenders support and protect all systems within the Government. Security analysts monitor Government systems 24/7. They perform the necessary incident containment, forensics investigations and recovery to swiftly respond to any cybersecurity event within the Government.


• Collaboration with the community

Digital defence is the 6th pillar of our national defence, and the Government works with the community to stress-test the resilience of our systems. Through the Government Bug Bounty Programme and Vulnerability Disclosure Programme, the Government works with the “white-hat” community to uncover and remediate vulnerabilities within our systems.


The public sector’s cybersecurity defence is led by the Cyber Security Group at GovTech. For more information on the role of cybersecurity in the Digital Government Blueprint, click here. To learn more about the latest developments in cybersecurity, please visit the CSG medium homepage here.


Last updated on 11 Nov 2020