Transforming Singapore Through Technology

There is an ongoing digital revolution, and advancements in digital technologies are transforming the way we live, work and play. We envision a Smart Nation that is a leading economy powered by digital innovation, and a world-class city with a Government that gives our citizens the best home possible and responds to their different and changing needs.

At the broadest level, the economy is the biggest domain driving Singapore’s growth and competitiveness. It is supported by the Government, which is leaning forward to catalyse growth and innovation across all domains, including the public sector. Crucially, these efforts are underpinned by efforts to ensure that all segments of society are able to harness digital technologies and benefit from them.

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Smart Nation Benefits Infographic as of 26 Feb 2021


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Strategic National Projects

To drive pervasive adoption of digital and smart technologies throughout Singapore, we have identified key Strategic National Projects, which are key enablers in our Smart Nation drive.

Find out more about our Strategic National Projects here.



Enabling a Culture of Innovation & Experimentation

To facilitate innovation by the public and private sector, we need appropriate policies and legislations, and support for research and co-creation.


Open Data

Data sets collected by public agencies have been made available and accessible to the public through online portals so anyone can participate and co-create citizen-centric solutions.

Access the open data sets available here.


Living Laboratory

Singapore remains committed to investing in research and innovation to catalyse emerging breakthroughs and drive new areas of economic growth. These initiatives include the Research, Innovation and Enterprise and AI Singapore. We are also an ideal location for companies and researchers to develop, prototype and pilot their technological solutions.


Industry and Start-up Ecosystem

Start-up accelerators such as JTC Launchpad, a strong presence of venture capitalist and MNCs, and the formation of SGInnovate, support Singapore’s start-up ecosystem by connecting technopreneurs with industry mentors, and being the bridge between innovation and enterprise.

The Punggol Digital District (PDD) is an example of an environment that we are developing to attract the best tech companies and talents, and foster their growth. Through clustering of the growth sectors, we aim to bring together high-value digital services in PDD, as well as create an ecosystem with conducive test-bed environments that enable our businesses and the community to thrive in a digital economy.


Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Cybersecurity is a key enabler of our Smart Nation. We recognise the possible risks, and prioritise privacy of data and safeguarding of critical systems and networks, even as we make them smart.


Computational Capabilities and Digital Inclusion

Our Smart Nation efforts are underscored by re-skilling and promoting the learning of coding and computational thinking skills, to ensure that all segments of the population benefit, regardless of age or digital literacy. Resources are also in place to assist companies and SMEs as they seek opportunities in the digital economy.

Check out the resources available for individuals and startups and businesses.


Cross-border Collaboration

It is important for cities to come together to share good ideas and best practices, explore collaborations, and test-bed people-centric smart solutions. Singapore remains open to sharing new ideas and learning from others. This will allow us to adopt ideas and best practices which can benefit not just Singapore, but also the region and the world.

In 2018, the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) was established as part of Singapore’s ASEAN chairmanship, as a collaborative platform where member cities exchange best practice and urban solutions, and catalyse bankable smart city projects. The ASCN seeks to harness the opportunities presented by rapid urbanisation, while building resilience against its increasingly complex strategic challenges, like cyber-threats and trade friction. The goal is to improve the lives of people in this region, using technology as an enabler.





Last updated on 12 Aug 2021